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With most of us now using our devices to tell the time, clocks have evolved from the purely functional timepieces of old to become statements of your personal ...home style. Whether table clocks or wall clocks, all varieties are now a key ingredient of hallway, living room and kitchen decor, allowing you to express your own style while staying on schedule and on time. At Tara Lane, we have everything from sleek, streamlined retro clocks and decorative mirrored clocks to oversized antique clocks with gears whose slow, rhythmic movement is quite hypnotic. These affordable clocks offer stylish timekeeping for everyone.
Time passes quickly when you're focused, which is what happens with this large gears clock in antique grey. Although purely decorative, the rhythmic movement of the interlocking cogs is soothing, almost mesmerising. Roman numerals and a lightly distressed finish add to the appeal...
SKU: TL5585
This very charming design is a modern twist on the classic pocket watches of the past, with the clock suspended from a simple chrome arch. An elegant accent for any living room or hallway...
SKU: TL5583
This 1970s-inspired clock is simplicity itself, with a deep brass frame encircling a minimal black clockface. Map of the World design around the outside of the clock.Sitting on two small round feet, it works equally well on a shelf, mantelpiece or table...
SKU: TH5272
The simple, dual-ring frame and deco numbering make this clock a modern classic that will work anywhere...
This large (76cm) clock has a classic feel to it, with a rustic frame in grey and a vintage black clockface with oversize roman numerals. Will work anywhere you need to keep a close eye on the time, whether in a home office or the kitchen...
SKU: TL5763
Part of our Meera collection, this Mantle Clock is a modern classic. It suspends and can swing above its contemporary base, while the clock surround, Roman numerals and hands are in antique gold, which are easy to see against the black clockface. When it looks this beautiful, you could have this clo..
SKU: TH5316
This clock has an appealing vintage feel that comes from the quirky black numbering on the white face. The grey frame with black inside is understated yet stylish, as are the hands inside. Use it in your home office, kitchen, living room or hallway...
SKU: TL5596
Resembling something from Alice in Wonderland, this wall clock in antique brass is essentially a giant version of an old-fashioned pocket watch. A classically designed clockface with black numerals complements the simple frame...
SKU: TL5766
Our Retro Mantle Clock is well named: it’s packed full of gorgeous retro detail. The black clockface, the antique brass diamond-shaped hands, crisp Arabic numerals, hour points and square surround with softly rounded corners – all with a swivel design on a sturdy black stand. It will look beautiful ..
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