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A truly great mirror is not just practical - it also lends a real ‘wow’ factor to your interior. Traditionally reserved for over a fireplace or sideboard, mirrors today can ...be seen throughout the home, sometimes even multiple times in a single room. Our hand-selected mirrors add instant radiance and light to your home as well as expanding and amplifying its sense of space. Choose stylish wall and floor mirrors to suit every home, from decorative Baroque, French and Moroccan designs, to unique contemporary ‘mirror art’. With many of our mirrors able to be hung either landscape or portrait, ours is a collection that seamlessly blends affordability, versatility and style.
SKU: TL5738
Our Frameless Cobble Mirror is a work of art in its own right. The contemporary curves are almost sculptural, especially as it has no frame. So, place it to be admired in any room – and see how it makes the room feel more spacious. It will also make it feel brighter by reflecting both internal light..
SKU: TL5735
It’s a big droplet,over 5ft long,so you can use it as a full-length mirror, ideal for bedrooms or a hallway, or just to have as a piece of art in your lounge. It has a free-flowing design that will impress your friends. Want it at a different angle: it looks equally great horizontally on a wall or a..
SKU: SR1190
This striking metal piece jutxaposes curves and lines by encircling vertical stripes of mirror in a slender circular frame finished in antique gold. To add further visual interest, the gaps between the stripes allow a glimpse of the wall behind...
SKU: TL6047
The Modena Arch Mirror in Black measures 66x96cm, featuring an elegant arched design. Its compact size and Black finish make it a stylish and versatile decorative accent for various spaces, from entryways to bedrooms, adding a touch of sophistication and reflecting light beautifully...
SKU: TL6042
The Modena mirror is a wall mirror with an oval shape and a lovely Gold finish to the rim. This type of mirror can add a touch of elegance and style to a room. With a 50x70cm diameter, this mirror is of moderate size, suitable for various rooms in your home...
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